Authentic Organization is an open platform that welcomes contributors both from the business domains and from other areas.

The purpose of all our articles, podcasts and other publications is to provide a different, preferably higher perspective for people reading us and interacting with each other on this platform on the issues of the people side of business. By higher we mean higher than what is normally found in the business domain, dominated by quantitative and strictly pragmatic considerations.

The goal is to tackle issues from a starting position of principles, rather than individual opinions and sentiments; even personal stories have a bigger impact when presented through the lens of principles. Such heights trigger thinking, ideas or questions in the readers that may ultimately lead to more authentic change or initiatives.

A few guidelines to help you judge what you read here and/or what you’d like to publish:

  • Clear focus on people/organizational issues and principles.
    Example: in my article I want to make a point that no CEO is a leader based on the principle that none of them would die for a cause, which is the fundamental principle of leadership. I’ll suggest to use only the term “management” and show how this change of terminology may have a positive effect on business organizations. Pieces about SEO best practices may be difficult to justify, but principles of governance from organic states could well work.
  • No self-promotion.
  • Style (for comments and other interactions): thoughtfulness, courtesy.
  • Otherwise everything goes! We keep moderation to a minimum, following the principle of nothing unnecessary.

Have fun!