Attention, consideration, win-win scenarios:

there is intent behind these; intent that births imagination, timing and energy…

…and behind this intent there’s intelligence.

Intelligence always looks good and this look is uniform no matter what area it manifests itself in: business, community or perhaps family. Intelligence unifies, it is simple, it is healthy (normal), it feels good.

The opposite of intelligence is a void that manifests itself as inertia. It may seem like there is an intent there, but it is just a will focused on something quantitative. This will is not owned, it owns! Lack of intelligence and the resulting ignorance also has universal style elements: it’s repulsive; it divides, it’s always complicated and smells like manipulation, it’s not good for you, and it feels sick.

The game is incredibly simple: focus on good. Give attention, be considerate and create win-win scenarios.

Laszlo Kovari is a writer and the founder of Prakhsis, an organizational development company that has been a pioneer in the concept of organic organizations. As a "consigliere" he has worked with founders, managers, CEOs and board members at startups, mid-sized companies and some of the Fortune 500 across North America and Europe. Laszlo is based in Prague, Czech Republic, supporting clients across Europe.

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