Title guys

Title guys

We have addressed the question of identity as a crucial issue especially today and especially in the business environment. The confusion is substantial.

The issue is this: business functions don’t provide context for identity: they are mechanical functions and they don’t require any qualities that may be related to organic roles and functions. They may be performed by anybody, irrespective of gender, age or other organic faculties. The definition of talent in such a context is reduced to the most basic considerations: math, communication and similar: this has nothing to do with actual identity.

To make matters worse most people completely identify with such mechanical functions and consider the artificial hierarchy as stages of self-realization. This view is dangerous and stupid. This is not even a topic of discussion since those who don’t see this are incapable of perceiving anything above and outside this context.

We have seen many of such people being completely destroyed after their company discarded them: their identity was lost. Those who refuse to give up their false identities often exhibit psychopathic tendencies that maybe latent while they are still in the role (more often it is not). Not all of them, some of them; the rest are profusely confused.

In this context it’s quite alarming to observe how many people actually use the title “ex CEO” in their linkedin profile; not to mention those who are unemployed but still fleshing their titles at least on linkedin.

Making title guys responsible for others is highly irresponsible!

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Laszlo Kovari is a writer and the founder of Prakhsis, an organizational development company that has been a pioneer in the concept of organic organizations. As a "consigliere" he has worked with founders, managers, CEOs and board members at startups, mid-sized companies and some of the Fortune 500 across North America and Europe. Laszlo is based in Prague, Czech Republic, supporting clients across Europe.

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