You don’t have people!

You don’t have people!

The problem of Business behaving as a psychopath is not new.

Psychopathic behavior is subtly encouraged in business talk; it’s quite surprising that instances of “accepted arrogance” don’t get challenged. One such instance is when self proclaimed leaders talk about their people.

We don’t have a team, we don’t have (own) employees and of course, we don’t have any people. Period!

We must change this mentality before we talk about organic concepts like culture or values.

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Laszlo Kovari is a writer and the founder of Prakhsis, an organizational development company that has been a pioneer in the concept of organic organizations. As a "consigliere" he has worked with founders, managers, CEOs and board members at startups, mid-sized companies and some of the Fortune 500 across North America and Europe. Laszlo is based in Prague, Czech Republic, supporting clients across Europe.

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