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Authentic Organization is an organizational development consultancy operating across Europe. 


We are breaking ground with the ☞ concept of organicity to help companies unfold their potential by eliminating unnecessary obstacles from their people doing their best work. 

We believe companies must become healthy, adaptive, creative organisms and not paralyzing bureaucracies.  

We are guides, facilitators, co-thinkers, combining hard-core business experience with organizational development expertise, consulting in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Hungarian.

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Guest Blog, Insight

Authenticity and communication

Guest post by Zsolt Mohacsi Piero Manzoni: Artist’s Shit (Merda d’artista), 1961 * Il mare agitato How to communicate more...

Guest Blog, Insight


Author:  François Weber How do you feel when you are cut off in the middle of expressing a beautiful thought? Authentic Organization...

Guest Blog, Insight

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The self, a practical view

Author: François Weber Podcast In a recent podcast with Gerard van der Molen, we discuss several ideas about the self. We approach the...


The metaphysics of success

Perhaps there’s nothing that fascinates post-modern man more than success. Why this is or how it came to be so is not interesting for us...

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