navigating the irrational – reflection podcast #1

navigating the irrational – reflection podcast #1
After posting three episodes of podcasts on leadership-led organizations (#1), holacracy & extreme transparency (#2) and the human side of business (#3), what do we think of these things? In our first ‘reflection podcast’ we look at all these topics from a traditional perspective.  We gladly take you on a tour of 75 minutes of dialogue. Besides our regular podcasts, we are planning for future reflection-episodes as well. Hope you like our 1st. Please tune in & enjoy. Alternatively visit:
If you’re wondering what is a traditional perspective, check out ‘Critical Thinking – introduction to navigating the irrational’:

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Gerard van der Molen is the founder and owner of whitematterlab, a consulting company helping organizations to design clear and effective interventions for organizational development & change. Gerard has worked with CEO’s, VP’s, board members and managers in (large) organizations across Europe, the Nordics, CEE and CIS. He has a background in philosophy and educational technology, lives in The Netherlands and can be contacted in Dutch, English and German.

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