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We understand from personal experience how difficult and risky it is to engage consultants to help with challenging change projects.


Our view on this is that we must make it as easy and painless as possible for clients to work with us. Our aim is to understand the situation fully and to minimize the risk that comes from change initiatives. It all starts with a conversation. 


Our approach to transformative change may be summed up with the following tenets:


  • Practical, fast and low risk approach to analysis. Beyond a certain point, data is more of a hindrance than a leverage. Rapid Prototyping of Change provides the right insights about your organizational change-readiness. Testing the hypothesis in small doses is safe and incomparably cheaper than launching a full-on change initiative based on assumptions. Once assumptions are proved in practice, the change may be scaled up safely.

  • We remain involved after analysis to help you implement the change. Charging a large fee for data crunching, producing a report and disappearing doesn’t belong to the new era of management consulting.

  • We adopt to the organization as opposed to make your organization comply with methodologies. Each organization is different and must be approached accordingly.


Who can benefit from our services? Everybody: not only the C-suite and board of directors, but line and middle managers in all functional areas, as well. 

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