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Bad decision making as an organizational problem – reflection podcast #10

In this reflection podcast, we talk about smart people making bad decisions: ‘individually we are smart, together we are dumb’. Please tune in & enjoy. Alternatively, visit https://anchor.fm/authenticorganization...

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This is you. Or not.

Gerard Recently I read an article in Gizmodo about algorithms taking over the hiring process. It starts with: ‘If you think looking for a job is already daunting, anxiety-riddled, and unpleasant, just wait until the algorithms take over the hiring process. When they do, a newfangled “digital recruiter” like VCV, which just received...

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Podcast with Tony Crabbe

“We should go back to what we do as best as humans.” Tony Crabbe (www.tonycrabbe.com) is a Business Psychologist and writer who works with companies including Microsoft, Disney, News Corporation and HSBC. As a psychologist, he focuses on how people think, feel and behave at work and in their broader lives....

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