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Authentic Organization – serious about people.


  • Gerard van der Molen, Netherlands
  • László Kövári, Czech Republic | Hungary
  • François Weber MD, Spain | France

What creates cohesion in a diverse, international team? We propagate and practice the following basic tenets:


  • Reflecting Together on events and issues
  • Ritualized Communications
  • Good Guys Principle

Our Story

Our story goes back 10 years when Gerard and László met during a corporate transformation project. The story continued a few years later, when they launched Authentic Organization to facilitate dialogue among people who recognize the problems that originate from mechanical organizations, and who strive for creating people – centric companies – something that has remained the cause that defines us even today.

As a true partnership between people with different perspectives, views and thinking, we now engage directly with leaders for whom people are top priority and help them bring the organic and the mechanical aspect of their companies in alignment. This is not only a nice cause that makes people happier at work; it is also very nice to the bottom line of the company. 

Also, we carefully select what external organizations we partner with to deliver value to our customers. We are proud partners of CoachingOurselves, a company co-founded by professor Henry Mintzberg. 

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