We treat workshops as a unique opportunity to think, reflect and make decisions together. We create an immersive experience to facilitate participation and focus on results either as part of a larger change initiative, or as a stand alone project to learn something new. 

In addition to bespoke workshops, have a look at three of our topics: CoachingOurselves, Communications, Team integration.



CoachingOurselves was founded in 2007 to bring Henry Mintzberg‘s approach to management education directly into the workplace. 

The CoachingOurselves approach to peer-coaching is a cost effective alternative or supplement to conventional leadership and organizational development programs. It results in learning, improved performance and stronger community in organizations

CoachingOurselves programs have been used by approximately 20,000 managers a year in 8 languages through peer-group coaching programs deployed in their organizations.

We believe management and leadership development should result in managers doing a better job at managing and leading, and we believe managers learn best from each other in small groups directly in their organization. 

Through CoachingOurselves peer-coaching programs we help organizations become better places for everyone, creating and strengthening the sense of community inside the organization and enabling them to support the communities in which they operate.


How it works

Many leadership development programs focus on learning about leadership. But organizations need better leaders, not managers who are more knowledgeable about leadership.

CoachingOurselves peer-coaching is a scalable learning approach to increasing organizational performance. It is easy to set up, demonstrates immediate business impact, and is a key catalyst to successful leadership and organizational development.

A peer-coaching session is 90 minutes of reflection and dialog with a small group of up to 6 peers guided by a CoachingOurselves module. The module has the content and questions to focus reflection on experiences and learning on a specific leadership theme or soft skill.

Sessions are facilitated by a certified facilitator or by one of the participants prepped by the facilitator. They are run in person or via group video conference or conference call.

A CoachingOurselves program consists of 6 or more sessions, typically once per month, for up to hundreds of groups across the organization. A sequence of modules is selected to align with organizational needs.

Our approach enables the executive, HR or the L&D team to design and deliver a scalable high impact leadership development program across the organization by leveraging the power of peer-learning.


The Modules

We have over 85 peer coaching modules exclusively designed for CoachingOurselves by leading management and business thinkers such as Henry Mintzberg, Edgar Schein, Marshall Goldsmith, Philip Kotler, Ricardo Semler, and Nancy Adler.

The modules guide reflection and dialog on a broad range of leadership themes. Our catalog includes classic themes for first line and middle management such as Candid Conversations and FeedFORWARD instead of FeedBACK to more nuanced themes for senior leadership such as Strategic Blindspots and Leading with Humility.

Each module combines high-quality content with questions, exercises, and discussions. Participants explore the new perspectives through reflection and story sharing to stimulate learning, skill building, and creative workplace solutions.

Each module is intended to guide one 90-minute peer-coaching session for a group of 4-6 leaders, cross functional or intact team, at a similar level in the organization.

Our extensive library of modules provides the flexibility to deploy CoachingOurselves programs with a curriculum targeted to both the individual needs of the participants and the business goals of the organizations.

CoachingOurselves modules are licensed per module per participant so organizations only pay for what they use and we have a yearly subscription model to enable broad usage in large programs for a flat yearly fee. 


Click logo ↓ for all modules (multiple languages available – pls contact us): 


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  • Principles of presentation

Team integration tools

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